Our Mobile Paint Parties


Yes, we have also taken our “Art by the Glass” & "Kreative Kids" painting sessions on the "Gogh" which means we can now bring the painting party to you! This is perfect for private events held at hotels/resorts, restaurants or even at a private residence. 

Kara Julian Art - “To-Gogh” mobile painting parties



Our mobile paint party is basically our art studio brought to your chosen location.  We pack up all our art supplies and come to your home, office, boardroom, backyard, beach picnic or your venue of choice.


Our fun painting parties are designed to provide you with the opportunity to explore your own creativity in a fun, social setting and in a space that you are most comfortable.


This is NOT your traditional art class!! This is FUN (loads of emphasis on "fun") art. And the best part....NO PAINTING EXPERIENCE NEEDED!!  Local artist, Kara Julian, will show you, STEP-BY-STEP how to paint your own masterpiece.


These parties are great for birthdays, corporate team building, girl’s-night-out, tween/teens, bachelor or bachelorette, family fun sessions, bridal & baby showers, or for whatever occasion you feel like celebrating!



Our classes/parties are suitable for ages 6 to 99 and we have painting options that are kids as well as adults, to choose from.


Don’t worry if you have never painted before. Seriously! Even if you can't even draw a straight line...you WILL create a masterpiece with the guidance of our experienced & professional artist.



The painting process of the party can take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours. Parties do tend to go over the allotted time, and this is most often due to how much fun everyone is having. So, we recommend that you plan to stay for approximately 3.5hrs of a fabulous time making memories with friends.


We also plan 30 minutes to one hour prior for set-up and 30 minutes to one hour after, for clean-up.


  1. Choose a date that works with your schedule and then contact us at – [Email: KaraJulianArt@gmail.com | Tel: (345) 925.6840] to book your private party-to-“Gogh”.  A deposit of CI$150 will be required at this time to secure the booking.

  2. Next, look through our catalog of painting options for a piece that you and your group of friends would like to paint. If you do not see anything in our catalog of paintings that tickles your fancy and wish to have us create a special custom design for the event, we can certainly accommodate you. There will be a $75 fee for us to create a custom-designed painting.

  3. Visit our CREATIVE PROJECTS MENU on our website to view our catalog of paintings.

  4. Send an invitation to all your guests asking them to join you for a fun painting session with Kara and prepare to unleash your inner artist!!

  5. You arrange the venue, tables & chairs as well as the food and beverages. We will bring all the painting supplies to you. Our set-up typically begins one hour before the party and take down will take approximately one hour after the event. You & your guests can arrive 15min before the scheduled start time.




We offer a canvas painting workshop; therefore, we provide art instruction by professional artist, Kara Julian. We also provide aprons, pre-sketched canvases, easels, paint brushes, paints, paint palettes, paper towels, wet wipes, brush cups, butcher-paper to cover tables, drop clothes under the art instructor’s area, garbage bags, art inspiration & music (if necessary).



  • First, there is a deposit of KYD$150 that will be required at the time to booking and this fee will be deducted from your total.

  • Next, there is a one time, KYD$100 “to-Gogh” fee which covers the cost of transporting our studio to your venue.

  • PLUS, a cover charge of CI$45 per person. The cover charge includes all painting materials & art instruction for each person.

  • Again, you can view our canvas painting gallery on our website and choose a painting for your group to recreate. Here are the galleries:  Kid's Painting Gallery   &  Teens & Adult Painting Gallery



The minimum is 10 painters, and the maximum is normally 35 people.  However, we can accommodate a larger group if there is an overhead projector and a microphone available for us to use.



  • A deposit of $150 will be required to secure and block off the date for your mobile private party. This deposit is applied to your final bill. Be sure that the date you request is correct as there are no refunds on any changes made less than 6 days prior to your event. However, if we (KJA) must cancel or reschedule, or if there is serious illness or Acts of God, your deposit WILL be refunded or transferred to another date. Deposits can be paid by: Cash, Cheque (payable to "Kara Julian'') or Online transfer to our account at Butterfield Bank (Acct Name: Kara Julian; KYD$ savings account # 02201111765).  Please note that your party date cannot be reserved / secured UNTIL the deposit has been received.


  • A non-refundable KYD$100 “Mobile Party-to-Gogh” fee will be added to your bill. This fee covers the cost of bringing the painting party & all art supplies to you.


  • Once again, there is a minimum of 10 painters in order to book a private party-to- “Gogh”. Please note that if only 9 people show up, you will still be charged for 10 people).


  • The remaining balance of payment for your private party-to- “Gogh” will be due on the day/evening of your party. Payment can be made by either cash, cheque (payable to “Kara Julian”) or online bank transfer. Sorry but we do not accept credit cards.


So, to give you a better idea of what your total could look like, please see a sample breakdown of the total for ten people, below:



Art by the Glass-to-Gogh fee      =KYD$100

10ppl x CI$45 each                       =KYD$450

Total                                                =KYD$550

Less deposit                                  =(KYD$150)

Remaining balance due               =KYD$400



  • Your deposit is non-refundable if YOU cancel 48 hours before the scheduled event.  We do realize that hiccups and changes in the best laid-out plans can happen. However, we would have blocked off the date exclusively for your private party (which means that we are obligated to the costs involved). Therefore, this is normally non-negotiable. However, we will use our discretion if there is proof of serious illness or Acts of God. In which case your deposit WILL be refunded.


  • A confirmed final head count is also required 48 hours prior to the day of your party. If someone who was included in this final count does not show up (provided that you have more than the minimum of 10ppl), the host/hostess will be responsible for supply costs (CI$15 p/person) of the person/persons who failed to show. The reason for this, is because we work hard to prepare supplies, sketch out canvases, and schedule enough assistants; ensuring that your event runs as smoothly as possible. Therefore, we encourage you to ask all your guests to honor their RSVPs to you, so that you do not incur any additional fees.


Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or require any special assistance with your party planning.


We look forward to joining you and your group of aspiring Picassos & Van Gogh’s, for a FUN painting session!!