DIY Woodwork Project Gallery

Welcome to our woodwork gallery, where there are so many fun DIY projects and designs you can recreate at our studio.

In our workshops, you will have the opportunity to customize your project with your choice of pain &/or stain colors.  If you want to personalize with a quote, family name or initials, we can assist you with lettering.

Click on each image to see more details and pricing. 

Step 1: Check out our upcoming workshop / events schedule [here] and join us for an OPEN STUDIO workshop, where you can create one of these projects.
Step 2: When you register for an OPEN STUDIO workshop, be sure to select your project type - there will be a drop-down menu. u
Step 3: Also include your design choice or design idea in the comments box during the registration process. We will prepare the design for you.
Step 4:  Submit your registration form and you will receive an email confirmation once your registration has been received.

Step 5:  Submit your payment (a 50% deposit is required to secure your seat), and then get excited to join us at our Open Studio workshop.

Or book a private party just for you and your close family and friends and then make the session be an Open Studio workshop.  Each person can choose there own project.

We are continuously updating the gallery, so do check back often to see the latest additions to our DIY project collection.


All images are the intellectual property of Kara Julian unless otherwise stated. 

No images can be used or recreated without our written consent.