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Meet Kara


Kara Julian  |  Artist

Kara Julian is a talented artist, from the Cayman Islands, where inspiration is abundant in the local flora, fauna and breathtaking ocean views.

With a passion for art, she began her career as a decorative artist back in 1997; choosing to specialize in hand-painted glassware and functional home accessory pieces.  Over the years however, her portfolio grew to include even more fun and magnificent works of art as she explored new artistic directions.

With a loaded paintbrush, she tackled new artistic genres; creating vivid fine art paintings and transforming plain walls with captivating murals.

She enjoys being able to bring spaces to life with an injection of color and a little whimsy.  It can be as simple as flowers painted on a wine goblet or as magnificent as a blue marlin painted on a living room wall.

Kara has gone on to expand her repertoire even further by offering "Sip & Paint classes for those who want to learn how to paint in just a few hours, in a a fun and casual setting.


"When you're a creative person, you naturally want to find passion, excitement, color and fun in everything. Why settle for "plain" when you can add a splash of color and personality to create something extraordinary.  So, I'm blessed to be able do what I love everyday. It's so rewarding when I can pull out my paint brushes, create a piece that's interesting, and empower someone else to also incorporate art and creativity into their everyday life."

Kara is based on Grand Cayman (the largest of the trio of islands) and is available to help you reflect your personal style with custom designed pieces.  But why stop there?! Join in on the fun and let Kara help you unleash your inner Picasso as you breathe life, color and personality onto a blank canvas.

There's no limit (it seems) to where Kara will find inspiration and what she'll paint on next, but clearly she's having fun doing it!!                            

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