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Hand-painted Glassware

Painting on glassware is where I started my creative journey 27 years ago and today I'm still embellishing plain and dull looking tableware with my unique designs and vibrant colors.

Each piece is individually hand-painted with multi-purpose &/or enamel paints and then baked in an oven to heat-set the artwork (a process that makes the glassware washable). 

As you will notice there are several designs on varying glassware pieces to choose from. However quantities are limited as I produce them in small batches.  So take a stroll through my painted glassware gallery and shop for unique pieces that will not only be a beautiful touch to your decor but will also add color to your everyday life.

Double click on the images for more details and pricing for eaach


To place an order or if you have any questions about custom orders, send me a message by clicking on the "Place An Order" button below.


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